Lisa Taniguchi

Welcome to my perpetually out-of-date portfolio πŸ‘‹


My brain-dump about myself.

I’m a generalist designer with a background in graphic design. In my design career, I’ve conducted user research, created low & high fidelity interfaces, written UX copy, designed emotional communication, provided creative direction, and envisioned the possibilities of a product.

I love seeing the world through the lens of typography, shapes and colour. I believe simplicity and empathy breeds powerful design. I believe design serves to better the moments in our lives. I love crafting experiences as much as I love drawing letters. I love second hand books, vintage typography, photography, sweets, and video games.

I love connecting with other creatives and hearing their stories, as well as mentoring and being mentored (hey if you’re a student that wants a portfolio review or just to know what it’s like to work in a tech startup, reach out!).

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